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Welcome to Bevaj Furniture!

Bevaj Furniture Limited is a furniture and interior design product and service provider. We have been in operation since 2007.We specialize in home and office furniture and interior design concepts for our clients. We are leaders in the market; we import directly from overseas and also manufacture our own products locally to suit the market trends and tastes.

All our furniture is authentic, durable and carefully selected to make your home decorating ideas come to a reality. Here you will find offers for furniture for every need in your home - from kitchen, dining room to bedroom and living room accessories, we make you feel at home and comfortable. We are also  in line with modern office setups that minimize on space use and capitalize on maximum comfort and  capacity .

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, you will be pleased by our wide and exquisite selection of furniture - from office furniture, hardwood beds, carpets, cutlery, massage chairs ,leather and fabric sofas to specialist decorative concepts, it's all here! Our staff consists of interior décor designers, creative woodwork specialists, fabric designers just but to name a few. We believe in making your home and office comfortable, relaxing, attractive, appreciated and most of all stylish.

We pride in our clients satisfaction and affirmation.